Important Dates

Conference Date:
Nov. 4-8, 2019


  • Area 1 Advanced concepts and new emerging materials for future PV.  Chairperson: Jiang Tang, Songyuan Dai,

    Keywords: quantum nanostructures, intermediate band, hot carrier, MEG, nanophotonics, up and down conversion,thermophotovoltaics,dye, sensitizer, solid-state electrolyte, long-term stability

  • Area 2 Perovskite solar cells.  Chairperson: Xiaodan Zhang, Shengzhong(Frank) Liu, Prof. Hiroshi Segawa, Sang Il Seok 

    Keywords: perovskite, interface, grain boundary, hole transport material, electron blocking material, hole blocking materials, large area,stability,tandem

  • Area 3 Organic solar cells.   Chairperson: Yongfang Li

    Keywords: organic solar cells, exciton, blended junction, new organic semiconductor, long-term stability

  • Area 4 Thin-film compound semiconductor PV.   Chairperson: Xiangxin Liu, Yi Zhang, Dr. Shigeru Niki , James Sites

    Keywords: CIGS, CZTS, CTS, CdTe, chalcopyrite, kesterite, chalcogenides, oxides

  • Area 5 III-V compound semiconductor, concentrator and space PV technologies.  Chairperson: Nuofu Chen, Qiang Sun, Nicholas Ekins-Daukes

    Keywords: III-V compounds, multijunction, GaAs, InGaP, space, concentrator PV

  • Area 6 Silicon feedstock & wafers.   Chairperson: Deren Yang, Yuepeng Wan, Prof. Noritaka Usami, Christian Reimann

    Keywords: polycrystalline Si,Cz Si, Fz Si, mc-Si, quasi-single crystalline Si, crystal growth, advanced wire sawing, and wafer preparing

  • Area 7 Crystalline silicon solar cells and tandem solar cells.   Chairperson: Dengyuan Song, Zhenguo Li, Prof. Makoto Konagai, Martin Green

    Keywords: PERC, PERT, PERL, black silicon, double sided solar cells, si-based tandem

  • Area 8 Thin filmIBC and HIT solar cells.   Chairperson: Zhengxin Liu, Pieror,  Pierre J. Verlinden

    Keywords: hetero-junction, IBC, HIT, carrier selective contact, device simulation, TCO, metallization

  • Area 9 Topcon solar cells.  Chairperson: Hui Shen, Hao Jin

    Keywords: tunnel-oxide layer, surface passivation, doped silicon layer, charge carrier transport, numerical simulation

  • Area 10 Performance and reliability of PV module.  Chairperson: Zhiqiang Feng, Zhen Zhang, Dr. Atsushi Masuda, Sarah Kurtz

    Keywords: simulation, performance, reliability characterization, materials for PV modules, certification and testing

  • Area 11 PV systems including BOS component. Chairperson: Prof. Yuzuru Ueda, Farnung, Boris

   Keywords: outdoor performance, O&M, safety and reliability, BIPV, energy management system, forecasting and solar resource assessment 

  • Area 12 PV system integration including smart grid.  Chairperson:Yibo Wang,  Luciano Martini

    Keywords: large scale grid integration, electricity market, smart grid/micro grid, power system balancing 

  • Area 13 PV energy storage and novel PV application. Chairperson: Can Li

    Keywords: PV combined with stored energy, PV for mobility, PV for yielding hydrogen or reducing CO

  • Area 14 PV deployment, markets, policies and financing.  Chairperson: Sicheng Wang, Izumi Kaizuka

    Keywords: PV deployment, industry, market, sustainability and environment, competitiveness of PV, economic analysis, ancillary service