Message from the General Chair


Prof Ying Zhao

Dear Colleagues, 

The 29th International PV Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-29) will be held from November 4th to 9th, 2019 in Xi’an, China. On behalf of the organization committee, I cordially invite you to attend the PVSEC-29, the largest and the most comprehensive PV conference in Asia and Pacific region. 

PVSEC is the most influential and authoritative conference in the PV field, reflecting the trend of PV science and technology. It will not only provide specialists, policy makers and commentators with an opportunity to share the best practices and solutions of the global energy industry, but will also serve as a platform for world experts and scholars of PV science and technology, as well as PV enterprises to present their latest achievements, to exchange insights and ideas. The conference consists of invited lectures from renowned scientists and engineers, oral presentations, poster presentations and special activities for displaying the latest PV research achievement. 

Xi'an is one of the seven major ancient capital cities in China. It was the capital of thirteen dynasties in Chinese history, including Western Zhou, Qin, Western Han, Sui, and Tang. Together with Athens, Cairo and Rome, Xi’an is among the four major ancient civilization capitals of the world. It is on the natural westward land route out of China into Central Asia, the starting point and terminus of the Silk Road, which brought the city material wealth as well as religious and cultural melting for over a thousand years. It is a place of history, and the home to the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

 We warmly welcome you to Xi’an for the PVSEC-29 in November, 2019, and hope you will have a fruitful and memorable conference in this historical city. Look forward to your attendance and your contribution to the development of PV science and engineering.

Sincerely yours,

Chairman of the PVSEC-29

Ying Zhao   



  • Area 1 Advanced concepts and new emerging materials for future PV.  Chairperson: Jiang Tang, Songyuan Dai,

    Keywords: quantum nanostructures, intermediate band, hot carrier, MEG, nanophotonics, up and down conversion,thermophotovoltaics,dye, sensitizer, solid-state electrolyte, long-term stability

  • Area 2 Perovskite solar cells.  Chairperson: Xiaodan Zhang, Shengzhong(Frank) Liu, Prof. Hiroshi Segawa, Sang Il Seok 

    Keywords: perovskite, interface, grain boundary, hole transport material, electron blocking material, hole blocking materials, large area,stability,tandem

  • Area 3 Organic solar cells.   Chairperson: Yongfang Li

    Keywords: organic solar cells, exciton, blended junction, new organic semiconductor, long-term stability

  • Area 4 Thin-film compound semiconductor PV.   Chairperson: Xiangxin Liu, Yi Zhang, Dr. Shigeru Niki , James Sites

    Keywords: CIGS, CZTS, CTS, CdTe, chalcopyrite, kesterite, chalcogenides, oxides

  • Area 5 III-V compound semiconductor, concentrator and space PV technologies.  Chairperson: Nuofu Chen, Qiang Sun, Nicholas Ekins-Daukes

    Keywords: III-V compounds, multijunction, GaAs, InGaP, space, concentrator PV

  • Area 6 Silicon feedstock & wafers.   Chairperson: Deren Yang, Yuepeng Wan, Prof. Noritaka Usami, Christian Reimann

    Keywords: polycrystalline Si,Cz Si, Fz Si, mc-Si, quasi-single crystalline Si, crystal growth, advanced wire sawing, and wafer preparing

  • Area 7 Crystalline silicon solar cells and tandem solar cells.   Chairperson: Dengyuan Song, Zhenguo Li, Prof. Makoto Konagai, Martin Green

    Keywords: PERC, PERT, PERL, black silicon, double sided solar cells, si-based tandem

  • Area 8 Thin filmIBC and HIT solar cells.   Chairperson: Zhengxin Liu, Pieror,  Pierre J. Verlinden

    Keywords: hetero-junction, IBC, HIT, carrier selective contact, device simulation, TCO, metallization

  • Area 9 Topcon solar cells.  Chairperson: Hui Shen, Hao Jin

    Keywords: tunnel-oxide layer, surface passivation, doped silicon layer, charge carrier transport, numerical simulation

  • Area 10 Performance and reliability of PV module.  Chairperson: Zhiqiang Feng, Zhen Zhang, Dr. Atsushi Masuda, Sarah Kurtz

    Keywords: simulation, performance, reliability characterization, materials for PV modules, certification and testing

  • Area 11 PV systems including BOS component. Chairperson: Prof. Yuzuru Ueda, Farnung, Boris

   Keywords: outdoor performance, O&M, safety and reliability, BIPV, energy management system, forecasting and solar resource assessment 

  • Area 12 PV system integration including smart grid.  Chairperson:Yibo Wang,  Luciano Martini

    Keywords: large scale grid integration, electricity market, smart grid/micro grid, power system balancing 

  • Area 13 PV energy storage and novel PV application. Chairperson: Can Li

    Keywords: PV combined with stored energy, PV for mobility, PV for yielding hydrogen or reducing CO

  • Area 14 PV deployment, markets, policies and financing.  Chairperson: Sicheng Wang, Izumi Kaizuka

    Keywords: PV deployment, industry, market, sustainability and environment, competitiveness of PV, economic analysis, ancillary service


Important Dates

Early Bird:
Sept. 20, 2019
Conference Date:
Nov. 4-8, 2019

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